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What Makes a Sociopath?

This is a doctorate discussion on what makes a sociopath as it connects military information which does not belong to the military as the information has came from private practice. Expose on how many internationally are attempting to create Bullitzers or Berzerker populations using involuntary doping.

There are a lot of reasons why I know the topics and discussions of this article. But let’s get into the understandings via a true hollywood story that connects greed with ambition.

A long time ago before the Steel Beams covered up the enormous cliftsides of Sierra Madres and Duartes lands which similar to Burbank and other areas had dug in housing into the bedrock. As Most generals did not realize that these were still being used for living conditions beneath what was considered to be known as street level. Others knew and could not say that many activities that took place.

A Sociopathic Difference

A sociopath thinks differently than a normal individual. There is an impatient impulse which is different than instinct that comes with the logic that the person perceives with. They view the world in a way that differs with less sympathy for others.

Knowing that medications may be able to create a human being to be less sympathic experimentations restarted after the RoseBowl Undergrond Park records were uncovered in early 1950s. I had shown some research that involved embryo sciences to the IMF Olympic committee members with new arrangements that attempted to include Asia and Damascus Mesopotamia in new California peace talks.

I had two daughters in each of the cultures that were both twins on each side. As Everything I did was being studied for learning and improving of systems the Asian twins were both born perfectly identical and the Mesopotamia Damascus was born with attached heads. Someone had changed the solutions on my operation tables and we couldn’t figure out who made the switch. Later this led to the same people overtaking parts of the Arroyo underground and later using secret arrests trying to claim the land.

The Sierra Arroyo’s held some secrets as did other places. But what was suppose to be a peace agreement between nations became a huge situation because someone pranked injections into the mother to adjoin the twins embryo’s to blame me and claim assets attached to the St Germaine Trusts.

This connects to what makes a sociopath as these groups only needed opportunity to steal or compete to do such a huehns crime. So I got to work making medicine that might help the adjoined twins that had a missing piece of brain each.

As arrests continued and Hearst Castle was overtaken to claim geneology records so they could be changed to attempt claims of land deeds and hide the underground entrance ways into castle freeway tunnel more disputes over the caverns there as well as the other steel beams that covered ravines that made California appear to be flat when in fact it was cavernous in geography.

The topic of Nature vs Nurture became prodominant within the Olympic community as many athletes were in human ownership or work slave mine connections as their parents were working only to hope that they would one day have full freedoms. Many athletes were not in a situation at that time that even had citizenship as they were not allowed to be citizens unless they were no longer owned as human colaterals in government bond swaps which connected Europes negotiations we were forced to deal with every 6 months or more often.

When the information was given that many Athletes were working in restricted living conditions so their children would have the hope to live in freedoms the Propogandists that took over the Hearst Castle and had burned down parts of Washington DC street level to find the underground tunnels in and out of the White House decided to figure out ways to arrest their children to keep the system under their control. When they had talked to me about this I told them it was not a wise idea. So, instead of believing the truthful intel reports they decided to start amplified fake news using those they knew were already detained as fake media actors.

It’s an important thing to add that when the twins were getting so much attention because they were my children and part of important attempts at world peace which started the world accounts funding that they had half parents nad step sisters that were jeolous of the attention they were getting. Even though the entire families were included in the trust payouts for decades and decades and I was personally left out they would collude to attempt to take over the entire trust and expand the ai networks of artificial insemination to claim that I did not have an Identity including taking my doctorate degrees at both Cambridge and Oxford. Which was the start of the CIA disputes with those two groups when I funded the Lion Witch and the Warddrobe and later the Wizard of Oz.

Is Jeaolousy What Makes a Sociopath?

As people were provided for and some had missing brains with dulled their social skills as others were in jealous rages over desired attention and other programs were started that contra’d the attention that people had which were called ignore programs. These all got added to the army and international infrastructures to attempt to take over the World Accounts using added Opiod Tactics.

Knowing that some of the juice that was life extention technologies that I spoke of but not fully forced Hollywood to lie about film credits and when certain films like the Shinning were made in an order to match records files of film credits to fixed police and military files. This later gave birth to the Navy coming into the picture as they admitted on record things that were never allowed to be released during Nierenberg records which later were changed to Nuremberg records.

As those records later would be the assets traded in the Ivan the Terrible connections fake court trial to suppress the detainment situations in the jails beneath the UN and the reason why currently UN expanded to take over another underground Jail facility. Hiding the replacement Artificial Insemination bloodlines as each group tried to readjust history to keep their own food supplies in stock was an ongoing activity.

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