Secrets of DIAbetes

Secrets of DIAbetes

THE Secrets of DIAbetes is an interesting story which involved not disclosing famines publically after 1961 Marshall Lockdowns. As the Insilin shots and measurements were based on starving others out that had less fat content a condensed incilin shot was given that would take longer for the body to starve to death.

There are obvious connections if one looks around at body mass indexing figures that can reveal quite a lot of repeating history.

Underground Library River system access

This will be an Article and a book notes.

Erzurum Temple Glendale De Facto holding areas  Trebizond Burbank Hillside Library overlay maps Western_Armenia_September_1917
Overlay Map Erzurum Temple Glendale De Facto holding areas Trebizond Burbank Hillside Library Bayburt overlay maps Western_Armenia_September_1917

It is a fun fact to know that the DIA trusts took over many of the CIA accounts as they negotated hiding the original Bush Sr. connecting 1917 Armensus in California Bunker disputes over meat and famine supplies. After the famine supplies of ww1 were taken by opportunists Industrial complexes used supplies thinking it was a game bringing international food stocks in which complicated relations. Additionally exterior bacteria was brought in to California Bunkers that was not well managed in some cases which repeated a series of Events that occurred 600 years ago in California and is current Covid19 scenerios.

DEI Agency

DEI agency was replaced in communications by Diversity Equity and Inclusion profiling. Inclusion profiling meant that exclusion of targetted individuals would be more accurately assertive. The counter intelligence became known as men and women in black suits showing up in convertables to suppress communication networks.

The profiling organization soon restructured tighter casting of extras and replacements of identities with those directing taking the assets for themselves even when they already lived in mansion but wanted to take more just for the sport of it.

As multiple marriages were needed in different districts to keep the status quo between agencies often the intentional recording of agency relationships were exampled as real marriages certificates for bond swap bankruptcies purposes.

This tied in the ability to use discrimination clauses to steal identities and reassign files from being male to female or from one demographic to another with a threat of lawsuit for saying that it was discrimination if the agencies did not have that right after confiscating identities or taking over expansions.

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