As Propagandists started to run Europe and expands Mesopotamian Opiod Programs they achieved agreements knowing and keeping records about rezoning of New Europe to Europe. They were never apposed to the changes if they could gain from the changeovers.

As their expansions occurred to take over Fort York which became known as New York City their control mechanisms of persons of interest using Opiod injections and Yeasts in breads to track sociolite targets.

When I lived with these people they started to enlist me in Pharmacology experimentations because they said how excited they were to have found the one. They knew that I was over hundreds of years old and negotiated to have me stay with them so they could conduct unconcioussness experiments on me.

When Walter Disney and a team realized what was going on and why not only infrastructures were changing in Europe hiding the very open underground systems rescue operations occurred. Later establishing Mossad to help prevent these types of involuntary conciousness programs which were part of the control of media, free press and connected the internal groups that were rewriting America’s freedom attached to the fake story of Statute of Liberty.

Statute of Liberty Connections
Statue of Liberty Connections negotiated which later other groups challenged

Statute of Liberty Realities

Using food and opiod additives in foods to track Army a female militia groups throughout Siberia mountain ranges. Through gaining voice alterations and doing the sounds of Music which I prenegotiated and led to the underground reveal to the group of film 100 Children walk across China.

After the 1947ish burning down of the White House as this group in geopolitical arguements started detaining White Power Militia in detainment camps similar to how the black power movement occured to take over parts of Africa. Helinias Tribes that ran amuck the hills of Siberia and used food to extract information as well as track human targets.

This is the group that started ww1 disputes in 1908 and started taking American Slaves as part of their takeover of Fort York which was and is renamed New York City. As secret owners in manufacturing.