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Hollywood Holocausts are The Quest for the Holy Lands in California hide the tails of slave labors camps and International Genocides. Learning this history can help to achieve steadiness of function instead of being blindsided by the truth.

Taking a look at the infrastructure that goes back throughout the ages internationally as well as in California much can be discovered that includes the beginnings of world war one in 1908.

The ongoing operations over the underground intra highway systems are also part of understanding the plights of geopolitics. As my writing credits are not fully disclosed this section will outline how to obtain for yourself some knowledge of the disputes that go back throughout the ages.

Many say that Hollywood is the middle man or woman of genocides as innocent actors are mixed with hard born criminals that use the escape underground highway systems to come and go without detection.

The front of the film industry turning ancient bedrocks into plastered film sets to keep infrastructure secrets from being public has an interesting history.

Cedar Sinai Hospital Tunnel ww1
Cedar Sinai Hospital Tunnel ww1

Starting by understanding that what has been in current maps as California has an older infrastructure than Egypt, Mesopotamia and other countries. Back when we achieved the public exposure in Griffith Park of the first tier of cement that are used to reroute water and aire supply tunnels internationally the age of the cement was put down on record as being 300 years old.

The post Vietcon and during Vietnam agreements to knowingly add a 0 to all files to hide the agreements and keep the stolen founders keepers assets expose more than just the dumping grounds that connect garbage dumps that literally are zip line tunnels to other countries that are of lesser altitude.

I remember sitting having having to make decisions on hiding Darwin’s islands from the map just to have the Cambodian arrests force a fake Pearl Harbor version of the real history at Pier 39. The reason why Burbank Shopping complex is called Pier 39 was because the harbor and fishing hatcheries went all the way up through there as part of the zoo which was actually a food supply channel for the fortress nearby.

What is important about Hollywood Holocausts is more than just death swap records but a quest to hide the underground infrastructure from the cash street market. This is part of the old quote to sell once the news gets released to the street cash level over inflated stocks knowing full well that slavery mines nearby might get released by a diligent reporter.

On trips to what became renamed Tesla for my intergalactic flights to observe earth and keep a proper geographical counts of livestock which was sometimes by plane or …

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