Cold War Pulse Technology

EMP Cold War Pulse Technology Strikes

EMP Cold War Pulse Technology Strikes are basically described bellow. After the takeover of Argentina facility that is similar to NATO street level and bunker bases in California and Internationally the Cold Fusion technologies of EMP or EMT Electrical Grounded Pulse Waves was used to achieve unconcious programs to entire city blocks.

Literally the operations would send out frequency waves to strike unconcioussness the people within the roving faraday cage system. Defense contractors would then be hired to pick up the bodies that were usually still alive and move them to the alternative often duplicated cities. Burbank was obviously one city but many others including Springfields were included.

Similar Systems in Comedy Clubs

If you ever have wondered why you have felt happy in Comedy Clubs just by entering it may be because of this other program that connected happy gas to get audiences to laugh more than the comics were funny.

In some Cold War set ups there would be cannisters of Happy Song Gas that would put to sleep entire regiments just like in aircraft flights to fly the entire regiment to alternative bases. This became a security protocol which was important as it was a subtle way of being able to keep secret alternative duplicated bases. Some systems attached moveable floors to bunker levels which would reduce the height by a floor or two of each of the buildings but not many people knew about that infrastructure as that was also done in some of the parathalon days back in ceasar disputes.

The Comedy Clubs Laughing gases programs would than have movers carefully taking the unconciouss audiences to transport vehicles that would be secured cabins that could keep the flight overseas with the individuals safely sedated. This way they could be moved from one location having been legally moved districts but their country codes were changed until the mole or leaker of intel could be discovered within their regiment.

Keeping secrets are very important as the information was important and part of the takeover of accounts that later funded terrorism.

Later Developments which were already in place from the 1600s

Even before the 1600s this technology was available and in use. But as word wars occurred in language disputes it became even more important to disclose these types of programs for all to know how the systems worked.

Tracking devices were used in slave populations which was about 700 years ago in what later was the 1890 excalvation of the street pyramid levels which is different than the Nevada underground energy systems. The EMP strikes would attempt to control populations by emitting frequencies to competition which led to the entire death of the old Alexander Empire region that is often now called Black Madonna Triangle Caverns and Egypt.

The keys about this are interesting because during the excalvation of the street level pyramids we found sperm samples of specimens and started birth programs to reignite the civilization which was a bit of a secret. This led to several severe disputes over the land rights both at this location as well as Arroyo Canyons that indirectly connect to the underground Pyramadics structures in the Nevada’s. This reignited the digital systems in the 1925 era that started the dow jones negotiations and american slavery was once again full force by 1941.

Told to keep the slavery under the street levels to keep it off record it became street level negotiations once Cannibus and Bitcoin connecting digital exchanges which have duel consequences and benefits that help to expose the real truth call of human slavery in america and internationally connected high speed rail systems bellow ground.

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