Ballbusting for Health and Pleasure
The Reality of Ballbusting Subtitle

*Extend Sexual Pleasures
*Increase Strength and Stamina
*Decrease Health Issues

The Book will overview the science of ballbusting. It will cover the Health and Pleasure way of sexual arrousal as well as the science behind DNA stimulation in regenerating low sperm counts.

The understanding of what not to do is important to fully enjoy the behavihors and arousals of enjoying Ball busting.

Difference between Pain and Pleasure – Syrebrem Fluids
What is “Warming Up” in Ballbusting
Preventing Ejaculate to increase Production
Couples enjoyment
Unconciouss prognosi
The Promonade Secret of six pack Abs
The Leather Clubs
The Gladiator Training Histories
The Difference Between the Egg Shape and the Circle

As some would not understand how my life or how well I know my studies which include Veternarian and Sciences as well as survival protocols the reality of BallBusting (subtitle book This) far outways the abilities of its risks if understanding the safetly protocols.

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