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The Reality of Realty

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The Reality of Realty

Explaining the Reality of Realty in exchanges of underground bunker properties for street level was an ongoing Hollywood Land Dispute that repeated history every 60 years and every 20 years pending upon division that started Full Yale arrests and arrest attempts to fully control the Electoral College.

Magic Castle location to Cedar Sinai Hospital Tunnel ww1
before hollywood negotiated Spielberg Career
By widening my nose to lie about Ari aka alias Eli Hickeys being Me Simon-Elliott Blake to hide the NBC arrests off records over Hollywood Land Disputes.

Basically after the hiding of Underground Street Levels in various California districts the comedy relays started using Prisoners of War to go back and forth to Germany replicated City which at first was only partially build at street levels. Then after 1966 deals were struck in the arresting of CIA which gained access to some files which started an infrastructure project that Replicated the Entire Los Angeles County.

This was what some called the 50 year plan. Additionally the bergamont scenerios were able to secure stealing a Queen Mary ship building location which was later connected to the underground Queen Mary in Magnolia Park California and Replicated but slightly different entrances and exits in Germany.

Entire audiences were profiled and taken using canisters that airports used to that involved Opiods which put audiences to sleep via laughing gas and then kept them asleep using opiod injections in discrete places. Trouble makers would wake up in various locations and try to get out of the normal exits and then be able to be penalized in new jurisdiction rules without lawyers being able to say anything due to state and country cross over lines.

Bergamont Studios connected a favorite location of mine called Blackpool. It was beneath the Santa Monica Ocean level and had a ferris wheel and such. This gave way to the constructing of the expanded theme parks to profile obedients. The problem with this is that it always blamed the street level cast aways as they were called which was why when producing the various things Cast Away was the term used.

In order to hide the differences between California’s Los Angeles County and Germany new construction the emptying out and redirecting of Water ways from Spain was achieved by trickery. This is a key condition to the negotiations that we dealt with to try to date the end of ww1 in 1942.

Instead of ending the 1909 to 1942 world war one which some people justifiably claimed that was even earlier the Jacksons Mississippi connections were key discussions to Slave owners of the Atlanta Georgia region that used the Jackson name to later claim the Silver Mine and hide Forced Labor detainments once they were shown how big the operations of slavery were in California.

The only reason why I negotiated with them in the first place was because they lied about wanting to stop Slavery Internationally and then I realized they just wanted to learn about California Mining. After being Hypnotized one day I decided to show all the roads into Arroyo Canyon which connects them to the ongoing opiod connections which include putting to sleep entire audiences at underground concerts facilities which was said to add National Security so people wouldn’t find out about their stealing the Underground Railroad connections.

It was odd because a thing that people were so proud of they wanted to remain hidden and the work on the highspeed rail improvements from 1770’s that connected Germany high speed rail to California was part of the reason why the So called Jacksons lied about being from Virginia after arresting Plantation operators whom were mixed and also caucasian.

There is a larger story behind why they found the line in Atlanta Georgia that connects the smoke outs which are opiod concerts. The Term “I can’t believe were doing this” came up a lot as I witnessed and anonymously reported the circumstances which also involved the negotiations with Harlem New York City.

It’s a fond memory watching the drag queens and kings dance around in flashy gear but that too would be replicated by a future generation to claim that Madonna’s African lions den that fed the detained Singers and musicians was already spoken for. Later a group in Africa would claim that because I had dressed as a girl even though I was their elder by several hundreds of years that they would cooperate with the Jackson exchanges and bankrupt attempt to blame Columbia. This led to more complications of course which connect even more than just Magnolia connections.

future note about the Landmark Rail systems that was part of the original confiscations and renaming which middlemanned the negotiations which later turned into Amtrack , the AM Track versus the PM Track Red Eye lines.

Later the Defense contractors were just to outright lie as close relatives were given lands in other regions that never were properly owned and thus thought to be ok to say various things which were not ok.

What people didn’t know sometimes was that the ..

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