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The Clift studio feuds of CBS

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There are some key timelines that help to support this article. This is just a rough draft that still has incredible information. The Rad Clifte was the hill to the side of Ventura Blvd which hides an underground base behind a Christian School and Sports Riffle Hunting Club.

The history goes back to extending the Clift section that goes into the underground bunker towards an ski resort and underground hunting facility similar to the infrastructure that was part of the Creole’s Rose Bowl Park Zoo that goes back 1500 years of history.

In 1600’s when redistricting occurred to create a New England Land in where is now Europe as parts of the Mesopotamian Military had offered food supplies as part of their negotiations into the 1600’s famines. This is an interesting correlation because as many did not know they had taken conquest over some of the Silver mining and human slavery in America’s.

After the rezoning of a England redistricting which was originally the entire of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona there was a few select fake land deed arrangements which attempted to cut out pieces of North American’s.

In more recent history in 1958 arrests of FDR occurred as research in the UN site was exposing the truth about Fort York being renamed New York. Hiding that there was connected underground tubes, trains and highways towards Langley as well as towards Maine was another discussion in what became the UN Building. Those underground areas were older then 1000 years old and the cement louves were about the size of a 12 lane highway in width with arches that support the weight of the entire street level ground.

The Clift Studio Feuds CBS became the connections to studio 54 and studio 51. The underside of Area 51 in San Fernando Valley that is beneath the exotic meat garrison that the valley floor was built upon on that side of the mountain.

During WW1 and WW2 a long decades infrastructure project covered up the River that flowed both directions between CBS RadClifte address and relabeled North towards what is now Magic Mountain View.

The river went incredible distances and later was lied about being the small river just outside of JPL. Hiding the exotic meat supplies was key to causing famines to others while keeping more than enough plus extras for those that stole the ravine underpass river.

What is interesting that this group of self proclaimed defense contractors had no idea that the river flowed both ways so created permanent one directional infrastructure to the river. This created an even greater Covid-19 flu quarantine situation as it was amplified by the fact that they not only stole the land but did not know that by covering it up almost entirely they were creating a real issue for themselves and others.

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