When WW1 was started

When WW1 Really Started

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When WW1 Really Started was much earlier than what has been allowed to be put on records. As my life is hard for most to believe I need to tell what I remember. It was 1890 when disputes turned into a full war in California over Silver slave mines and the free cold fushion electrical DC Powered Train.

Trains had been built all over Southern California with some going down the Strand to Bergamont and The Green Miles Underground Prison Santa Monica. This infrastructure was the envy of the world.

The keys to when WW1 Really started are in the Slave Labor Mines which foreign Militias came into to audit. As soon as the Audits were complete New France German border gangs infiltrated Arroyo Canyons taking prisoners to mines as permanent Slaves as their instructs.

Parts of the Electrical Train systems were taken to New Europe as redistricting was then commenced and history and lineages of geneologies started to be disputed.

More to come later in this article.

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