Ventura Blvd Near Studio 51

Studio 51 San Fernando Valley

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IT is an interesting piece of History that eventually launched the film “Studio 54” that is not history as much as people think. Off of Ventura Blvd. that became RadCliffe Studios. It was part of the prohibition arguments.

The Bellaire crew that set up fake ww2 footage even building and exact replica of Hitler’s “Chataeu” house in Bellaire.

Ventura Blvd Near Studio 51
Ventura Blvd Near Studio 51
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Studio 51 became Studio 54! which explains the cooperations that later would put colony members under house arrest lock down in bunkers. This was extended by Later Digging machines to expand what secrets people have yet to reveal about San Fernando Valley Basin.

After key California events exchange programs using San Fernando Clift Radclift studios.

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Santa Monica 1957

A very interesting fact is that there was a set built with exact replication of House of Commons in UK. Underground expansions took place later using Tesla funding, but this was some of the real Brexit histories of arresting leaders and forcing them to negotiate on the House of Commons Grounds that was in the Basin.

Deserving a lot of credit is the financier handler after confiscation of assets while George Bush Sr. was under house arrest tying in the Clifford Studio to JPL arguments. Acting “Financier” after confiscation of assets.

The real Roger Rabbit story is fascinating part of history that ties in Steve McQueen Murphy’s first wife tying in the Anna Quindlen fiasco with Georgette Mosbacher after comedian George Burns arrest. It is a matter of public record that George was put under house arrest and his assets mostly confiscated as part of the George British Columbia keir deals with the pop star factions. There was a Pamela or was it Patricia that came up with the Idea to create a Georgette alias knowing they could confiscate the identity of Bush Sr. as a trade negotiation tool which Steve got upset with causing a divorce that led to the public newspaper handling a public marraige to Allie.

The Yoder factions that took over Bush Sr. accounts and identities histories.

Confiscation of Id’s as part of the negotiation tactics forcing Bush Sr. to have no identity cards or any tracking except by handlers. It would not be the first time that a president would be under house arrest with assets held by use and control of handlers. yet., interesting enough even when Navy seal team members learned about this they agreed to indict themselves to collude in the crimes knowing that a house arrested president was blankly being used for authorizations. It is a little bit interesting part of the larger geopolitical picture.

If you do enough research you will find ties to the RoseBowl as exchanges between studio 51 that became studio 54 and rosebowl occured.

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