before hollywood negotiated Spielberg Career

John Lennon Assassination My Classified Life

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John Lennon Assassination is an interesting discussion. Let me start by saying that life is more simple and more complex both at the same time. The simple things are often connected to the most complex things. However, life itself is very simple.

I was the Classified “Child”, one of the persons classified witnessing John Lennon’s Assassination. The CIA had been started and cross file sharing between agencies were a huge discussion. The goals were so that everyone would be on the same page and achieve correct intel.

I was staying with Barbara as she and Bush Sr. were assigned as my public protection as my identity was still not to be released and in negotiations. Barbara got the phone call that John Lennon was false flagging a fake death and I jumped in my dress disquise and went with her. It had been a while since I had seen John and written with him.

We got to the apartment only a few blocks away. To my surprise being as short as I was I could see that Jarrett, John Lennon’s brother was under a white sheet and there was a whole bunch of filming going on. Organizing camera people for angles with planning media release.

They were attempting to prank Barbara by using Jarrett, his brother. There were opportunists wanting to stop certain CIA files from being shared because it would lead to account confiscations and all sorts of Indictments.

Jarrett was laughing so hard under the white blanket that the blanket nearly fell off his body and the ambulance driver Actor “Bob” later called “Alex” had to adjust the blanket. Orson Welles people were there and coordinating other details including his son, relative.

Federal Marshal wanting to hide records started attacking Barbara asking her questions. She told him correctly it was none of his business but would share everything that she could, which they did at the time until the agencies feuds broke out.

The John Lennon Assassination using his brother meant that the one agency could say that it wasn’t John Lennon under that blanket and that Barbara Bush was crazy. Linda Wanda Schrieber who participated in the stealing of the Gold in Griffith Park who knew that many other things had happened back east could indict Barbara Bush as being crazy for not looking under the sheet as Jarrett struggled on his back laughing holding the blanket over his face so he would not be noticed.

The Federal Marshal knowing seeing that I was a boy dressed as a girl accused Barbara of being a Pedophile right out on the street. She was taken away and I was taken another.

before hollywood negotiated Spielberg Career
before hollywood negotiated Spielberg Career

A picture of me a bit altered before at Spielberg’s. Before Speilberg was blamed for being the Director of one false flag event then put under house arrest to Direct other events or face death penalty.

I will omit the Rolling Stone connections and various others for now as I am still deciding what to release.

p.s. The Lie about “Alice” in another chapter.


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