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The Replacement Queen

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The Replacement and installment of Queen Elizabeth occurred due to the torture of Queen Victoria over slavery arguments and racial upsets in Europe. Queen Victoria was obtained and her ovaries burned to complete a long term plan to take over the colonies.

Virginia strongholds in America were upset with stances from King George on slavery. The Replacement Queen would be installed and Queen Victoria would be forced to retire.

To understand the European stronghold in Virginia slave favoring Germans established themselves in Virginia. Confiscating King George’s land by using Virginia law and installed Actor politicians. Hiring and human trafficked assets were used to obtain any required information. If their handled human property were obedient and “obeyed” they would be promoted to larger achievements.

The start of the Morgan family and the various acquisitions were stealing of assets and land titles in support of trafficking and slavery. The Replacement Queen would be installed in hopes of ending the Queens bloodline. Little did they know that the bloodline of Royalty would not be ended as they had not the sciences that would achieve a future bloodline.

As gaining possessions and information through owned prostitutes were so lucrative. The Virginia stronghold would form furthered relations with similar beliefs. Their inbreeding would create their belief that they were more regal than royalty. Breeding of their possessions in human trafficking was very race specific.

The forcing of Queen Victoria to give up the thrown and install the Replacement Queen was under threat of murder of Victoria. The eventual result was the installment of Queen Elizabeth.

The Replacement Queen was thought to be of pure bloodline or at least pure enough to facilitate royal functions. But later it would lead to a feud between Germany and France over who would gain the colonies assets.

The agreement of installing her as Queen was that she would not have any children. She kept this oath until factions were blood shedding and mass murdering people before ww2.

Pennsylvania started murder genocide camps killing tens of thousands of people in racial profiling prior to ww2. The Hunger Games film used one of the genocide camp locations that later became part of Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali Insurance payout negotiations. The murder of non Jewish blood was more horrific in numbers than the Holocaust in percentage of population.

The Caucasian Jackson Militias wanted to claim that land and control all breeding structuring. They had non Caucasian racial agreements but needed payouts to be able to agree to them. These negotiations tied into the Arnold Palmer golf club competition back end payouts decades later.

Queen Victoria was told not to have children the genocide racial profiling murders in Pennsylvania and Virginia camps upset her. She was livid that human life would be discarded for selfish gain. Knowing about the camps of their generation before and knew that every generation since Andrew Jackson murder camps would clean up to collect insurance and cover murder operations.

It was often said by Andrew Jackson relatives to let the immigrants work the land for 20 years before killing them in genocide as a way to collect on the pain and suffering of having them living in the communities.

The Replacement Queen Path

Similar issues were also starting to occur in Poland, Ussr and other parts around Europe. The Original Morgan’s Family Later renamed Berg’s were willing to float capital in split profiteering systems that were killing multiple races.

The decision had to be made to break the oath of not having offspring to attempt to force peace between nations or consent to the pre ww2 bloodshed.

The Replacement Queen would with close help of Phillipe make a decision that would affect humanity and try to save murdering of lives.

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Black Swan counter action committees were formed to offset Queen Elizabeth assets to take over Middle Eastern assets specific operations.

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