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Genocide Camps Pre & early ww2

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Genocide Camps were regional and thought to be their next generations to help clean up America. Prior to ww2’s beginning many camps were formed and followed through on genocides of select populations.

The Genocide Camps pre ww2 were to become Hollywood Movie Sets with alternative versions of the films. There were other examples such as the Muhammad Ali negotiations which agreed to stop killing the black Africans but made no agreements to stop the genocides of other nationalities.

Hollywood used Greenscreens to play footage acquired of Holocaust as backdrop as their Actors achieved recreated versions. Entire streets were build full scale at Radclift Studios as Actors whom were never in Germany created proof that they were in Europe.

The odd fact about created footage is that sometimes children played their fathers in war films that were submitted as historical records.

What occurred was an agreement to have separation camps as long as murders were going to be stopped. But later all history was erased about American camps. All other locations worldwide were said to all happened in one country in Europe.

To make matters worse the reality of written histories would say that it was a single leader that caused all the murders entirely in the world. Rules would be implemented in schools barring the teaching of any other alternative histories. But in private racism would be shared amongst those who thought themselves to be Victors.

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