How it all began royals feud

How it all Began.

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How it all began in Royal Feuds has been lied about for nearly a century. Prior to ww1 the feuds over Queen Victorian being allowed to reproduce was halted by her being taken and against her will and made not to be able to have children.

This left a hole in the crown. Adventurous people including Virginia lawmakers who had confiscated King Georges land by Hostile takeover. The fight was over Slavery and the right to have slaves. There was also wage disagreements between daily wages versus hourly.

Unable to have children Queen Victoria’s husband arranged Queen Elizabeth situation. World War 1 broke over over feuds about parts of this situation. Some of the colonies lands were given away and everyone was an opportunists to try to claim their own kingdoms, in Europe and everywhere else.

The real issue came that Elizabeth was not a pure breed blood. Philip was also had Greek bloodline which was against some of the purists Roman bloodline feuds. Parts of Roma included Ukrainiun (Ukraine) back in the day.

The takeover of Greece by Rome was not only about Religion but more about Race. The slavery owners and public market slave traders thought ill of many different cultures which was why Greece started the Olympian Athelades. (the Olympic Games).

Queen Elizabeth was able to get sworn into oath with a promise that she would never reproduce children. However, the agreements were that there would be no wars and no fighting. Land and assets would be dispersed out fairly as long as there was no war mongering.

How it all Began Prior to ww2
Queen Elizabeth was told she could stay in power but with no children. She would facilitate and hold the thrown as collectives decided. Parts of this worked. The biggest arguments were that she would not be allowed to mate with Philip because his Greek genealogy histories.

So after nearly two decades and so many threats and arguments amongst not only the European scenes but all sorts of events in the Colonies a baby was decided upon.

As I assemble the memories and get them ready to tell. It will explain the genealogical struggles going back several generations. Understanding the fights over media versions of events on ww1 and ww2 and the neophyte generation 1 of vietname era.

The consenting of faking genealogical records to enter politics which was also mirrored amongst ranking officers. The Hollywood version of Mi 5 and Mi6 which were far different in structures than the clowns of Hollywood land and the horse trading of Vietnam. The ghost clown units of Vietname era which established 1st to be killed lists and used graveyards for personal treasure transports.

As the truth may be hard to tell it is easy when your conscience is clean. When your outlook is not as an opportunist you are able to see different perspectives at the same time rather than being entrenched by your own involvements.

Rumors of Birth of Queen Elizabeth’s Child
Rumors of the reality that Queen Elizabeth was pregnant with uncleaned royal blood. The settlements of ww1 were still ongoing and the reality of some of the images and murmurs about her pregnancy started more genocide camps into forming.

Hate groups started blaming race until finally days before the birth ww2 was proclaimed.

How it all began – My Birth
An agreement was made that there would have to be a child of Queen Elizabeth because the European and American race feuds were getting so serious. Slavery controllers were also upset as other groups were still planning on selective genocides and committing them based on Race.

To solve the disputes it was agreed that Victoria’s Husband would give his sperm in a new procedure that could cause pregnancy. It was the fairest thing that could be done. It would equally represent all nations as their genealogies would produce a child that would also include Indian blood.

The procedure was done and Queen Elizabeth was pregnant. It was hidden from public but a few elites found out just before the pregnancy. On Sept 5 1939 I was given birth to. A healthy boy who was actually born both King and Prince.

About 5 days after birth just before the photography was to be taken a general was able to get access to the planned photo op. Grabbing me from the arms of a woman (his wife?) violently throwing me to the ground. The mans anger filled the room as stomped my body and particularly my head with all the force that he could. He continued to stomp my head with his boots until just as violently stopped.

I was put in an incubator and false rumors that I was a premature baby had to be sent out. Although the man was forced to leave the premises the damage he had done was severe. He would be considered a victor by the groups he belonged to for having the tenacity to cause an infants near fatal death. My fatal death.

Thankfully I somehow lived. I was covered in blood and this was my sad welcome to the world. The most interesting thing about life is although the hatred tried to destroy me the roundness of the human skull protected my brain just enough.

There a was a great fear that I was or would be completely brain damaged. Hate groups murmured that I was an unnatural birth so I deserved to die. Many thought that he had killed me that day but he didn’t.

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