Finding Motivation as an Artist drawing

Finding Motivation as an Artist

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Finding Motivation as an Artist

Finding motivation as an Artist is key in having a meaningful career. The goal of motivation is to continue to produce quality. Keeping yourself interested in your work is not a simple task as an Artist.

The goal of the artist is to catch the moment of motivation.

Question: Will I make mistakes in motivation for work
Answer: I hope so, the outcomes of mistakes in work as an artist, Actor and creative is a positive outcome in the end.
If you are willing to go through what many Actors and Creatives have you will possibly learn from your mistakes and become even more robust. Mistakes suck but if you learn to persist with alterations you will succeed.

Finding Motivation as an Artist does not come from a place of discomfort. It comes from a place of impetus. There is a birthing aspect which is why when you are creative you can adjust concepts but when you are stuck you are unable to make these adjustments.

Find the aspect of your work where you can work to include your ideas either direction of the creative aspect.

Good Advice

Catching the moment of inspiration is key to learning how to express Artistically. What makes expression artistic is the unpredictability of the expression after that impetus is initiated.

The impetus could come from a striking idea that also catches some emotional element inside you. The feeling could resonate in a way where you know it is not just a fleeting moment that passes by. Later when you learn to catch the impetus you will learn to work off smaller and smaller initiations to create significant projects from.

For sketching or writing, partially attempting the idea into some form of expression can later lead to larger projects and layered efforts that build projects. Finding Motivation as an Artist does not have to be achieved in a single emotional outpour.

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